Do People Listen to Voice Mail Greetings?


I have a Google Voice number that I use for listeners to my various shows on my podcasting network (Anairo Media) to leave messages.  This morning I get the following voice mail which makes me wonder…do people even listen to the voice mail greeting to ensure they have the right person?


The Unholy Trinity Tour


These three gentlemen are extremely smart, caring and truthful.  I’m not necessarily trying to sway anyone of faith, but it never hurts to hear the well thought out, evidence backed arguments of the other side (which, unfortunately, most religious arguments lack).


My Boring Life (#012) – Lazy Sunday


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon as I was waiting for my wife to get home.  It was an unusual Sunday as she was (more…)

Couch to 5K Week 2 Day 3 Update


We finished off our second week of our Couch to 5K program.  This one was rough on me as I’m still trying to get some decent running shoes.  I did my best, but unfortunately I had to come up short on 4 of the 6 running segments, generally (more…)

Couch to 5K Week 2 Day 2 Update


Scott, Jimmy and I complete day 2 of week 2 of our Couch to 5K program.  This program is kicking my butt, but (more…)

‘Almost Human’ Probably Not Coming Back After First Season


With an average 1.9 demo and just over six million total viewers to date, the Fox SciFi and J.J. Abrams produced show, “Almost Human” is in jeopardy of being cancelled after just one season.  Fox has not confirmed nor denied the cancellation of the show, but no news is not good news in this regard.  Is it possible the show may still get a reprieve?  Anything is possible.

“Almost Human” stars (more…)

It’s Official: Amazon Increases Cost of Amazon Prime


The noise started about 2 months ago that Amazon may be raising the price of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s service that provides 2 day shipping for millions of items as well as an extensive collection of free streaming titles from Amazon VOD.  I received an email today (more…)

P.C. Valentines Day


The Blaze has an article up concerning a teacher that sent a letter home to parents stating that if the children bring cards to give to students, to be sure to bring enough for all students and to NOT put any names on the envelopes.  This, apparently, it to prevent “hurt feelings”.

When I was a kid, IF I (more…)


Review: Almost Human (TV Series)


Almost Human is a futuristic crime drama from J. H. Wyman and J. J. Abrams starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy.  If you’re not familiar with Karl Urban, he has recently played in some “modest” movies by the names of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness as well as headlining the reboot of Judge Dredd.

Michael Ealy recently starred in USA’s buddy cop series, Common Law and the movie Underworld:  Awakening.

The Beginning

almost human review Under the Radar cast1 Review:  Almost Human (TV Series)

Almost Human Cast (TV Series)
Copyright FOX Network

[SPOILERS!]  The pilot episode aired on Sunday, November 17, 2013 on Fox.  Immediately (more…)

My Boring Life (#011) for November 18, 2013


In this quick tidbit recorded in my car (so yes, I apologize for the road noise, but I tried to minimize it as much as possible), I talk about decaying small towns, the holiday season and what it means to me and why are people (more…)

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