Defeating the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Recent reports have stated that a mere 51,000 people have signed up through the ACA marketplaces.  That’s a projected 2 million by the 6 month deadline, a meager drop in the  bucket of the 30+ million uninsured Americans that the law is supposed to help cover.

money-doctorsThere is disparity in the costs of the various plans in each state and what the federal government will be forced to subsidize.  In Georgia, someone who earns at the 100% poverty level ($11,490) will pay only 2% of their income for health care.  That amounts to about $19 per month, with the federal government picking up the tab for the rest.  A medium level plan in the state of Wyoming will run $743 per month.  Take out the $19 that the enrollee will pay and that leaves $724 per month that the federal government is required by the ACA to cover – to the tune of $8688 per year.

Oddly enough, the Affordable Care Act only works if 2.7 million healthy adults in the 18 to 24 age group sign up.  Notice the age range and the word healthy.  Without these two pieces of the puzzle, the ACA will fail – it won’t be able to pay for itself.

Here’s a thought on how to defeat Obamacare.  Don’t sign up for it.  If the law only works if 2.7 million healthy adults ages 18 to 24 sign up, then those 2.7 million need not apply.  Furthermore, for those that can withstand it, drop out of your current insurance, no matter what age you are, but specifically if you’re in the 18 to 55 age group.  Companies won’t continue to do business if they aren’t making any money.  Likewise, if an insurance company is no longer collecting premiums, their bottom line will dry up.  When that starts to happen, well, let’s just say that some people in Washington will start having their phones ringing off the hook.

Insurance companies don’t like this law any more than the American people do.  The best way to get Washington’s attention is by hurting a monster than can in turn unleash it’s own form of hurt on those idiots in D.C. that think they know what is best for the people that voted them into those offices.  I know that some people just can’t afford to or aren’t willing to take the chance, but for those that can, I say DROP YOU INSURANCE!  When the insurance company revenues dry up, we may just have our chance to get this bone-headed law repealed.

Sources:  Time, Washington Post


Born and raised in South Central Georgia, Donovan Adkisson is father to three fantastically smart children and husband to an awesome wife. When he's not trying to save the world by focusing on distributing information he feels that everyone should know via blogs and podcasts, he writes books, reads a lot and tries to learn everything he can on just about every subject. He's a former cable television and broadband industry technologist and executive. What more could you want?